About Us

The Speck Travel tale...

It’s simple, really. Traveling is tough. That’s why we wanted to design luggage and backpacks with a greater sense of purpose.

Resfeber is a Swedish expression about travel. It translates into a feeling. How your heart races before a journey. How anticipation and anxiety are battling for dominance.

We found out, when we create backpacks and suitcases that give you the confidence and freedom to leave that anxiety at home and focus on the anticipation of travel, we were not only innovating luggage, we were starting to innovate the travel experience.

We were onto something. That’s why we decided to do more than just craft luggage, we knew we had to create a community of like-minded travelers, all looking to explore new places and experience new things.

Our suitcases and bags transcend ordinary luggage and will become your ultimate traveling partner, for life. While our travel community will help you find new places and experiences that allow you to squeeze every last second out of each trip.

Letter From The President Of Speck Travel

One year ago, to the date almost, I looked around the Speck office and I saw countless business professionals all suffering from the same problem.

Bob, our VP of supply chain worked across Europe for almost a decade. Rachele, our head of marketing travels multiple times per month, sometimes globally. And Jeff, our head of sales, well, he travels like a salesman. The problem, when I asked them to recall any memorable business trips, the overall sentiment was, work trips weren’t memorable.

That’s why we started Speck Travel. Our goal, to create a community of likeminded travelers all working together to innovate the entire work-travel experience.

While our luggage and backpacks will give you the confidence to unpack more adventure into your travels, it’s our community of Speck Travelers that sets us apart.

These seasoned travelers’ sole purpose is to provide you with restaurants and nightlife you’ll love, entertainment you’ll live for, and hidden gems you’ll never want to stop exploring. So, whether you have a three-hour layover in Dallas or you’ve extended your stay for two days in LA, Speck Travel is here to transform your “work trips” into exciting experiences that stay with you for a lifetime.

We set out to tilt the scales of the work-life-balance to favor life. We hope you’ll join us.

Now, no matter where you travel, take more with you.

Signature of Robert Hales
Robert Hales
President of Speck Travel
July 2019

We’re Forming A Community

When you join the Speck Travel community, you’re not just buying our bags, you’re entering into a group of world-travelers that share exclusive travel perks, tips, and bonuses.


It’s our way of helping lighten your load. With the Speck Travel community by your side, you’ll never miss an opportunity to explore new places, experience new cultures, and try new things.

Whether you’re in an unfamiliar city on business with a day to burn, wondering what to do with an unexpected layover, or begging to get more out of a vacation, we’re here to make the journey more enjoyable.

Our mission is to provide more confidence and freedom while you travel, so you can leave your anxiety at home, focus on the journey, and take more memories with you.

That’s why Speck Travel is the perfect traveling partner, for life.

No Retail Mark-Ups + Excellent Customer Service = A Happy Traveler

We’re a direct to consumer community and business because it’s 2019. We didn’t need retail to start our community of travelers. Our goal was to provide the best combination of quality and price. Online only was the way to do it. Since we don’t have to inflate our prices due to retail mark-ups, you get incredible luggage and backpacks for an incredible price.

We’re not just saying this, but we truly care about treating people the way they should be treated. How you would want to be treated.

That’s why it’s our mission to deliver the most impressive shopping and customer experience in any industry. Period.

Our Featured Speck Traveler

Every Speckan (aka Speck Travel employee) is a passionate traveler. We all realize the world is a gigantic place and anytime we get to travel to work, we need the chance to explore new places and experience new things. That’s why we expect every Speckan to extend their stay anytime they’re traveling on business.