Temporary Warehouse Closure

Due to safety concerns surrounding COVID-19, Speck Travel has temporarily suspended all orders.

Speck Travel is a community built around traversing the unknown and exploring new territory. As we navigate this new global situation, we believe in the strength of a community working as one, finding solutions for the problems we are facing. Together, we can overcome anything.

As we respond to stay-home orders and ongoing concerns surrounding COVID-19, we are working to find ways to further protect your health and safety. As a result, we have made the difficult decision to close our warehouses temporarily until further notice. As a result, no orders can be accepted and fulfilled at the moment. We understand this affects our ability to deliver the products you want right now, but we believe that working together deliberately will bring a quick resolution.

As we look for alternative ways to bring you the information and products you need, we recommend signing up for our newsletter for more current updates. Stay connected with us at one of our many social media platforms:

Speck Travel looks forward to going the distance with you in the near future. But for now, let’s protect what matters most: this moment right here, right now.

Join us in our commitment to keep our world safe.